Splitting up the website

If you're a regular reader of our blogs, you'll discover this week that things aren't where they used to be.

The site was simply getting too diverse to run as a single entity. The photography side was getting mixed up with the marine side, and our crusing logs (which we like to keep strictly non-commercial) needed some distance from our marine business.

So we've split it up. Photo.marsh-design.com will host our professional photography business, while the boat design side moves to Marine.marsh-design.com. The "ramblings of a techie" and sustainable development sections are now at Tech.marsh-design.com and, for the on-the-water crowd, our cruising logs are at Boating.marsh-design.com.

If you subscribed to the main RSS feed ( http://www.marsh-design.com/403.shtml ), nothing will change. Your news feed will still contain everything we post. And if you subscribed to the RSS topic feeds, they'll still be valid. Any links pointing to articles on http://marsh-design.com or http://www.marsh-design.com will continue to be valid.

For a less cluttered experience, though, readers who are only interested in one or two of the fields we publish in are invited to try the sub-site feeds:





Technically-minded readers interested in the back-end of this change should take a look at Drupal's Domain Access module. In essence, all the content still exists in one database on one main site; Drupal's access control mechanisms and Domain Access are used to assign individual nodes to one, several or all of the "affiliate" sub-sites. Individual themes for each sub-site allow for layout and block arrangements to be customized- indeed, we could use completely different visual themes for each sub-site if we wanted to, while still driving them from the same database and administrative back-end. Subdomains set up in cPanel (and pointed to the shared root, /public_html) to match those set in Domain Access module round out the picture.



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